Fisher & Paykel ESON 2 Nasal Mask Small, Medium & Large

Fisher & Paykel ESON 2 Nasal Mask Small, Medium & Large


Experience confidence effortlessly with the Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask. Crafted to meet patient and sleep professional needs at every sleep therapy milestone, it features a RollFit Seal for pressure reduction, ErgoFit Headgear for comfortable movement, and an Easy Frame with VisiBlue highlights for intuitive use. The F&P Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask is designed to enhance adherence, offering sizes from Small to Large, including a Fit-Pack option.

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Embrace assurance effortlessly with the Eson 2

The Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask has been meticulously crafted to address the requirements of both patients and sleep professionals at every crucial juncture of the sleep therapy journey.

  • RollFit Seal: Aptly named, the unified seal intuitively ‘rolls’ along the nasal bridge to auto-adjust, effectively alleviating pressure. The RollFit Technology thus fosters a more comfortable experience.
  • ErgoFit Headgear: This breathable and ergonomically engineered headgear naturally positions itself high at the rear of the head, allowing for unrestricted movement in various directions.
  • Easy Frame: A sleek, robust, and compact frame guarantees stability and a clear line of sight. Designed to accommodate all three seal sizes, the Easy-Clip frame attachment streamlines post-cleaning reassembly.
  • VisiBlue Highlights: These visual cues simplify fitting, disassembly, and reassembly, enhancing the overall user experience.

The F&P Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask is meticulously designed to enhance adherence, aligning with the desires of patients and their healthcare providers.

Available sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Fit-Pack (S, M & L cushions)

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Small, Medium, Large


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