Ambulatory Respiratory Lab provides a compelling value proposition for patients. Here’s why:

  • We area group of respiratory therapists dedicated to providing an optimal respiratory care.

  • We believe that your best clinic is the closest one to your place, therefor we offer our services either in your home or within your family doctor clinic.

  • Why in your GMF: it is more convenient, easy to get there, all your medical tests will be in one clinic, costly efficient if we calculate the time and the cost of relocation to another clinic or hospital, saving time since waiting list somewhere else might be so long.

  • Bills for performed tests and purchased CPAP will be given, and it is up to the patient’s insurance plan to determine the percentage of coverage.

  • We will send a detailed report to your GP and a copy to all your specialists after each assessment (we will obtain your consent for this at your first visit).

  • Knowing that a prescription from your doctor is required for all our offered tests and for purchasing CPAP/BIPAP device.

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